Of the Green Family from Harpole, Northamptonshire their Ancestors and Relatives

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Tuesday, 21 September 2021 05:51 AM BST

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I am trying to document everything I can find on my Family History. I am now deeply immersed in trying to find matches in my DNA to help prove that my family tree is correct and to try and breakdown some brick walls in my family history. Have you had your DNA tested and if so is it on Ancestry or have you  transferred your results to the gedmatch and/or familytreedna web sites?

If you should want to join me in the quest to find the story of my ancestors please contact me with details, of how you fit into my Family Tree, and I will give you access to do this. Anyone else can freely view most material on people who are no longer living and contribute to the more general stories. You can comment on anything on this web site without logging in.

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A Scandal in the Family - William Major - 1849

Dr William Major was my 4xG Uncle. His relationship to my Mother can be seen here. More of his life can be seen here.

On 28 Jun 1849 in the Thames Magistrates Court this case was heard. It was reported in the The Weekly Dispatch on 1 Jul 1849

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