Of the Green Family from Harpole, Northamptonshire their Ancestors and Relatives

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Photographs From The Curtin/Salt Archive

ID Open Big Picture Picture Country County/Province Place Date People Description
001 England   Warwickshire  Coventry  1909  Ernest Buswell, George Buswell, ??? Green(wife of Ernest Buswell), Andrew Green, ??? Green (wife of George Buswell, Alice Jane Green, Ernest Curtin, Eliza Dorrington   
002 England   Northamptonshire  Northampton, Christs Church  1939  George Andrew curtin, Beunice Nellie Salt   Their Wedding Day.
003 England   Northamptonshire  Northampton, Christs Church  1939  Beunice Nellie Salt, James Thomas Salt   Arriving at Church for Her Wedding.
004 England   Warwickshire  Coventry  1914  Andrew Green, Eliza Dorrington   
005 England   Northamptonshire  Weston Favell  1968  George Andrew Curtin, Petronella Beunice Curtin   Petronella arriving at the Church to be given away on her Wedding Day.
006 England   Northamptonshire  Weston Favell  1968  Petronella Beunice Curtin, Jeremy Green   Leaving the Church after their Wedding.
007 England   Northamptonshire  Northampton, 24 Florence Road  1922  George Andrew Curtin   
008 England   Northamptonshire  Northampton  1914  George Andrew Curtin, Alice Jane Green, Ernest Curtin   
009 England   Northamptonshire  Northampton  1916  George Andrew Curtin, Ernest Curtin.   
011 England   Northamptonshire  Northampton  1916  Alice Jane Green   
012 England   Warwickshire  Coventry  1909  Ernest Curtin, Alice Jane Green   Their Wedding Day
013 England   Northamptonshire  Northampton  1916  George Andrew Curtin   Inscription on back: dear daddy love from Georgie. His Father was with the ASC in France at the time.
014 England   Northamptonshire  24 Florence Road, Northampton  1922  George Andrew Curtin   In his Kettering Road School uniform.
015 England   Northamptonshire  Pattishall    Beunice Nellie Salt   Outside the wooden bungalow of the Salt family, built by her Father.
016 England        George Andrew Curtin   
017 England        Geoge Andrew Curtin   Camping
018 England        George Andrew Curtin   Camping

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