Arthur Curtin + Janet Hadden

3 Children
Colin Hadden Curtin
Birth: 8 May 1911 37 38Transvaal, South Africa
Death: September 1985Haringay, London, England

Parents Grandparents
Arthur Curtin
Birth: about September 1873 26 25Holborn, London, England
Death: 3 July 1947Johannesburg, South Africa
William Roche Curtin
Birth: 22 August 1847 45 39Westminster, Middlesex, England
Death: 30 September 1879Chelsea, Middlesex, England
Jane Clara Wilkins
Birth: 28 January 1848 36 34St Pancras, Middlesex, England
Death: 26 August 1881Willesden, Middlesex, England

Janet Hadden
Birth: 6 February 1873Aberdeen, Scotland
Death: 26 November 1960Johannesburg, South Africa
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