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Friday, 7 May 2021 06:28 PM BST

Bottle Bank

When I was a child the bottles we got our 'pop' in had a 3d deposit on them. Does anyone know when this system stopped. Perhaps it could be reintroduced.
Collecting bottles used to be a good way of supplementing ones pocket money.
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Bottle Bank
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, 5 September 2002 05:55 PM BST
Likewise with jamjars I think, though these could also be exchanged for \"treasures\" from the rag & bone man!
What happened to him??
Bottle Bank
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, 15 September 2002 12:05 AM BST
Sadly I fear that in todays convinence life style that such usefull and good systems are perhaps forever gone...

It doesn\'t have to be this way. With the \"green\" issues on the rise again perhaps it is time for this profitable and dare I say clean element of the past to come back.
Bottle Bank
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 08:16 PM BST