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Letter John Smith to His Cousin? Charlotte Walter 21 March 1848

Charlottes Father had three wives, his second wife was widow of Joseph Smith, who had a son, John Smith. Geddington 21 March 48
Dr Cousin
as your Sister Sophia is
sending you a Letter I intend
slipping this inside it I seen
that which came from you
Mrs Kendall has been unwell
but is better Mr K very well
James K very well very Stout &
Single the Daughter Married
a Man Named Berry going
to Live at Weston I know nothing
of Mrs Brampton or their family
only that they are in London
Mr Ashby very well all his
Sons are in London. Mary
married to Thos son of John
Clipson and lives at Geddington
has 3 Children Mr Brown died
in 1837 Mrs Brown very lame with
rumatism John still single

Mr John Brown Built a new
House 5 years ago where the
old Place? used ti be and lives
there & I took the House were
Mr Brown formerly lived and
keep house there for my Sons
Isaac who carry on Butchery
I have the Farm & premises
in the Wood end formerly Mr
Pack's my Father died June 1841
and Mother April 1847 aged
73 years James Branson been
dead about 8 or 9 years my
sister Rebecca Married and settled
at Wilby (name Hages?) as no
family Elizabeth Married and
settled at Croydon 10 miles from
London Married one of Aunt Bradfield
Sons a Grocer very well off and
no family been married 4 years

My Brother Thos very Ill
kept in room for more than
3 years, has a wife his Illness
his abcess in the Hip, I
very seldom see your brother
Thos he is very well, but
I seen Fanny this day
by what I have heard I think
Thos Mears means Emigrating
from your affection
John Smith
PS Sarah Cross been Ill
all the winter and very low
in Spirits

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