Letter from Thomas Mears in Kettering to his Sister Charlotte Walter 11 July 1862

Friday, 5 June 2020 02:00 PM BST

Contributed by: Jerry Green

Charlotte Walter was the wife of Abraham Walter, brother of my GG Grandmother, Frances Green Kettering July 11th 62
Dear Sister
I received your Letter dated May
11th and was happy to hear you
were enjoying good health as this
Letter Leaves us all at this time
in good health wrote a letter to you
dated June 13 61 and directed itt
properly butt itt appears you did
nott receive itt the reason why I []
[] write sooner was because i wanted
to see all your friends and send
you all particulars i seen Mr Bull
Mr Stafford Mr Newham of Rowell
are all quite well and all
the family and sends is love to you
all Mr Richard Bagshaw of Newton
now Lies in a dying state Mr Kendall
and his Children are all much as
usual your sister Sophie Children
are all much the same

Your sister Ashby Children are
all quite well Mary Ashby daughter
as was in Americas is [] came
home and now Lives old Cobleys
Lodge near Little Oakley your
sister Brampton is Living in
London along with her son Edward
her other Children are all well
except Chsrles which i understand
he is had an inflamation in his eyes
and is now in darknes
which in mane Concludes
with myself and my wife
and my sister Fanny
united Love to you
and your husband
and all your Children
please to remember
me to all your Children
Thos Mears Star Yard

Dear Sister i received one newspaper
and i have sent you two i trust and
hope you are all exempt from
the war Your Sister Brampton
Direction is Mr Edward
Brampton Woods ills Near
the Marble Arch London
we had a most Dreadfull
Accident happen Last
Saturday morning Mr
William Jessop was sawing
a piece of wood down at Kettering
station and his son with him
he was atop? and his foot only
and fell down and Brake is
neck and died instantly he
was a wheelwright and Carpenter
a Native of Rowell and Live
there at the time you did

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