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Letter Sophia Payne to Sister Charlotte Walter 5 March 1848

 Charlotte Walter was the wife of Abraham Walter, brother of my GG Grandmother, Frances Green

Geddingon March 5th 1848

Dear Sister
I write these few lines to you to let
know that we received your letter
and we are very glad to hear you are
alive and quite well as it leaves me
but very poorly at this time my family
are all alive at this time Mary is
married and is got five children Ann
is got four William is not married
and John is quite a cripple and not
likely to be any better Eliza and
Hannah are in service Lucy and Thomas
are at home with me at present
my poor husband is at Northampton
asylum he is been there above two years
but he is been bad withe is head above
twenty years and so you may think
that I am bad enough off they only
alow me 3 shillings a week and if you
could send me a trifle I should be very
glad for I am now a getting into years
and I am very much in trouble and
not able to do much work now
Sister Brampton I expect is in London
but where I cant say

Sister Fanny and Brother Thomas live
together at newton but he is so mean
I dont expect he would have wrote to you
if I had not Mary Ashby is married and
she is got 3 children and near her
confinement again and she sends her
love to you she lives at Geddington I
should have wrote to you before now
but I did not know where you was
but you knowed where I was and
so you might have wrote to me
but bless God as I am heard of you now
while I am alive and I hope you will
write to me again as I never shall
see you again on this side the grave
but I hope I shall meet you in heaven
were parting will be no more Mr
and Mrs Ashby are still alive and sister
Kendel is alive for any thing I know
you must not think it unkind as
I never wrote to you before for we
never received a letter while just lately
or else I would have answered it before
now and I have no more to say at
this time and so I must conclude with
our love to you all I remain your loving
Sister Sophia Payne Geddington so good
bye and God bless you for ever


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